Thuraya is a leading mobile satellite communications company that empowers people with tools to bring the organizations and communities they serve closer together.
We offer innovative, flexible and dependable technology that helps you overcome the toughest challenges and achieve the highest aspirations – facilitating reliable communications where and when it matters most.
Our global customers include industry leaders from a variety of sectors including energy, media, marine, government and NGOs.
Our superior network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the world via satellite and across the globe through our unique GSM roaming capabilities.

The primary gateway, situated in sharjah, USE, is responsible for Thuraya’s entire network in addition to serving as the mobile satellite system’s main digital exchange. The primary gateway houses the satellite operation centre, which monitors and controls satellite movement, ensuring the overall and ongoing maintenance of satellites in geo-synchronous orbit.

The striking glass structure comprises the satellite control facilities and the gateway station. The satellite control facilities includes the satellite operation center, uplink beacon station and satellite payload central point, while the gateway station includes the gateway station subsystem, network switching subsystem and the advanced operations center and operations support subsystem. Outside the primary gateway building are the primary dizh (c-band antennae) and the back up dish whose function s to command the satellite.

Billed as the only such facility in the middle east region , Thuraya’s primary gateway station provides the necessary interface with other Thuraya gateway (via satellite) and public terrestrial networks.

 List of Thuraya products :

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