Thuraya Maritime Broadband (MBB)

Supports broadband data communications up to 444kbps using the Thuraya IP terminal and Spacecom antenna. Suitable for operational and crew communications, MBB supports a range of value added solutions and is available with some of the most competitive prices for hardware and airtime.

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Product Description

Fast and reliable connectivity

As the most reliable segment of the satellite spectrum,L-band has provided the backbone of maritime connectivity for many years. Thuraya MBB provides standard background IP throughput at speeds of up to 444 kbps, meaning that
maritime users can take advantage of fast connectivity for business-critical and crew welfare applications.

Typical functions possible over MBB include:
• Optimized email and web browsing
• VPN for database synchronization for onboard M&P/environmental reporting
• VOIP, video conferencing and instant messaging (No services blocked)
• M2M services including vessel tracking and condition-based monitoring

The Thuraya network features the most powerful L-band satellites currently available to maritime users and is known for the strength and consistency of its signal. As a result, satellite antennas are smaller and easier to
install, while offering very high quality of service. Mariners are demanding users, who need their communications to work wherever they are and whatever the weather. The Thuraya network’s dynamic resource allocation process
minimizes traf?congestion in areas of high communications volume, such as major ports or busy shipping lanes.

Communicating in the maritime environment demands hardware that can be relied upon to perform in harsh conditions. The Thuraya IP broadband terminal has proven itself in demanding maritime applications over many
years. This combination of hardware from well-known suppliers Hughes and Spacecomm, provides a solution that is tried and tested in a maritime environment.

Maritime Broadband (MBB) provides shipping industry customers with the connectivity they need to keep their ships running efficiently. Combining a reliable L-band service with proven hardware,Thuraya MBB provides a very
competitive price proposition for maritime users who want to enjoy broadband connectivity and also keep control over costs.

Thuraya MBB: Now you don’t have to choose between quality or value.


"Standard IP "

Up to 444 kbps over a shared channel

Streaming IP

External Antenna: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 384 kbps

Input Voltage

12 V DC


Ethernet (RJ-45), USB

WLAN Connectivity

“IEEE 802.11b standard with: – WEO encryption – SSID broadcasting control – MAC address filtering – DHCP”

Weight Modem

1.3kg terminal and battery

size Modem

158 mm x225mm x 50mm

G/T Antenna

> -16dB/K


(-30 to +55 °C)


Random Vibration of 1.05g rms


Roll: 25 degrees over 8 second periode Pitch: 15 degrees over 5 second periode Yaw: 8 degrees over 50 second periode Turn rate: 12 deg/s Turn angular rate change: 1 deg/s2


Size of radome: 265x270mm (hxd)


3 kg (excluding cable and Power