EXPLORER 500 is the perfect choice, when working off the beaten track, but still dependant on a reliable connection. Whether travelling alone or in smaller teams this terminal meets the need for mobile access to office resources, providing access to phone networks and internet simultaneously.Though smaller than a standard laptop, this satellite terminal supports your need for performance and is easy to set-up and to operate.

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Product Description

EXPLORER™ 500 adds high-speed data transmission to phone and fax capabilities via satellite. Particularly useful in remote areas outside terrestrial or cellular coverage,this mobile terminal is an ideal link to the world wherever you are.Essentially a BGAN terminal with integral antenna, EXPLORER™ 500 comes complete with compass for antenna orientation and display for basic functionality. Simply enter your PIN and point the antennato make and receive phone and fax calls, or even read SMS. Hooking up a data device allows you to manage your phone book, messages and calls, and customize the terminal to your specific needs.
• Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN
• High-speed data transfer up to 464 kbps
• Seamless global coverage
• Support for streaming at 32, 64, 128 kbps
• Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax interfaces
• Easy system setup and operation
• Lightweight, splash and dust proof design
• Robust, reliable and durable design
• Built-in Bluetooth handset charger
Setting up your EXPLORER™ 500 is quick and easy. Just plug in a phone, fax, laptop or PDA, or use the Bluetooth interface, point the antenna towards the BGAN satellite – and you are online. Whether halfway up a mountain or in the middle of a desert, you have access to:
• Phone and fax services
• E-mail servers
• Large file transfers
• Internet browsing
• Videoconferencing and streaming
• Corporate servers via VPN
And much more! In fact, your private or corporate office on the move adds little more than 1 kg to your baggage. If you happen to be sheltered, the optional external antenna can be erected in a convenient location outside.


Total H / W / D:

218 / 217 / 52 mm 8.6 / 8.5 / 2.1 inches

Weight (incl. battery):

1.4kg / 3.1lbs

Data capabilities
Standard IP:

Up to 464 kbps

Streaming IP:

32, 64, 128 kbps

Voice capabilities
Standard voice:

4 kbps

Premium voice:

3.1 kHz audio, 64 kbps

Inmarsat frequencies:

1525.0 – 1559.0 MHz (Rx) 1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz (Tx)

Operational (ambient):

-25°C to +55°C / -13°F to +131°F

Storage (excl. battery):

-40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F

Water and dust:

IP-54 (dust and spray proof )

AC/DC power supply

100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 50W



DC input range:



Lithium ion (rechargeable)

Stand-by time:

36h, 0°C/+32°F to 55°C/+131°

Standard call:

3h, 0°C/+32°F to 55°C/+131°


“EXPLORER 500 terminal incl. rechargeable lithium ion battery LAN cable & USB cable and 100-240VAC power supply Getting started kit – Quick start guide, CD with manuals”