RT 6000+ (GSM + SAT Hybrid)
Global transportation management systems
Industry-leading tracking and monitoring solutions for refrigerated assets

ORBCOMM’s dual-mode, ruggedized RT 6000+ provides visibility, control and decision rules to dispatch and operations centers, maintenance organizations and operational managers of transportation companies worldwide. Using a unique direct interface to any refrigerated asset, this robust solution provides comprehensive temperature and fuel management, maintenance, and logistical applications services to revolutionize refrigerated transportation operations.

Customers can make immediate, important decisions about their reefer business, allowing for smarter investments in transportation system operations and immediate savings as well as improved end-to-end operations.

A Wealth of experience in cold chain telematics
With two-way interfaces, this solution delivers the most effective refrigeration management tools in the industry for maximum compliance, efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

  • For-hire carriers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food service
  • Multi-temps 
  • Rail and intermodal
  • Grocery and dairy 
  • Ocean containers
  • Straight trucks 
  • Gensets
  • Private fleets
  • LTL 
  • Leasing  


The industry’s most advanced temperature compliance applications

  • Proven temperature assurances
  • Instant out-of-temperature detection and notification
  • Complete temperature monitoring analytics
  • Two-way alarm management
  • Automatic “proof of temperature” compliance

High-performance ROI

  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced labor costs and automatic yard checks
  • More efficient use of asset engine hours
  • Shipment cycle monitoring and acceleration
  • High asset utilization
  • Visibility and close management of inventory
  • Clear measurement of chain of custody



Product Description

Direct interface to all refrigeration transportation units

  • Carrier Transicold Vector, APX, standard, advance
  • Carrier Transicold Multi-Temp (standard, vector)
  • Carrier Solara
  • Thermo King SR3, SR2, μPIV, μPV, μPVI
  • Thermo King μPT straight truck/multi-temp
  • Thermo King Multi-Temp (Spectrum μPIV, SR2)
  • Thermo King TGV, TGVI (Standalone)
  • Zannotti (Standalone)
  • Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin and StarCool Containers


  • Cellular, satellite or dual-mode

Event response time

  • 30 seconds typical

Poll response time

  • Within 2-3 minutes typical

Power usage

  • < 5 μA Steady State

Sensors/optional sensors

  • GPS, fuel, door open/closed, tethered
  • Remote or independent temperature probes, tractor ID, movement/stationary, virtual mileage, tire pressure inflation, engine hours
  • Door lock/unlock, shock/tri-axial impacts, humidity, ABS functions

Monitoring and control functions
Monitors all available microprocessor alarms (critical, non-critical)

  • Change set point
  • Remote on/off (if equipped)
  • On/off event reporting
  • Change mode of operation
  • Change controlling sensors
  • Clear alarms
  • Run pre-trip
  • Preventative maintenance settings
  • Intellisets/opti-sets
  • Remote configuration parameters
  • Temperature profile graph
  • Independent temperature alerts
  • Lockdown
  • Control scheduler
  • Group commands

Other functions:

  • Fuel usage (gallons per hour, refuel, rapid fuel loss)
  • Geofences locally on the asset (40,000)
  • Customer-specific actions downloaded to the asset
  • Remote firmware and customer software download
  • Refrigerated asset performance monitoring

Operational temperature range

  • -40C to +70C


  • 4.5”x 6.25”x3.25”


  • 525 g

Polycarbonate; IP67 rated

  • Web exception reporting
  • Notifications via email/wireless device
  • Tracking and tracing integration
  • EDI Intermodal 204/222/301/404/417/322 network compliant

Transportation management system

  • High-performance planning-to-telematics interfaces
  • Application gateway client
  • Application gateway

Integration partners

  • Innovative Computing Corp
  • TMW System (Suites, ICC)
  • McLeod Software
  • Add On Systems
  • Peoplenet
  • Legacy Dispatch Systems
  • SSI
  • Prophesy