Reliable intrusion detection and tracking
Cost-effective and reliable satellite-based asset tracking and security

ORBCOMM’s GT 700 is a rugged device that enables asset tracking and intrusion

detection in the transportation and distribution, oil and gas and other industrial markets. The GT 700 supports a security cable that wraps around container-locking bars or other latching mechanisms to ensure cargo security. The device delivers alarms when the cable seal is broken or disconnected to help deter theft.

As part of a comprehensive solution that includes the powerful CargoWatch Secure web application and reliable satellite connectivity, GT 700 delivers remote

monitoring, in-transit visibility and enhanced asset security even in the most remote regions of the world.

The GT 700 features internal antennas and primary batteries for extended service life and low power consumption. The device can be easily provisioned in the field using a wireless USB dongle and configured remotely in bulk to facilitate multi-unit deployments. Its compact, low profile enclosure makes it easy to install on a trailer or in the grooves of a container for discrete mounting and operation.

GT 700 is a highly reliable solution with a low cost of ownership that u

efficiently track moving assets and reduce the risk of in-transit theft.


Product Description


  • 127 x 71 x 21mm (5.5” x 2.8” x 0.84”)


  • 212 g (7.5 oz)


  • -40C (-40F) to +85C (+185F) operating


  • 100% at 50C, SAE J1455 MIL STD 810


  • SAE J1455 MIL STD 810


  • Lithium, internal (primary)
  • Life expectancy: > 5 years at 2 messages per day; > 10 year storage life (sleep mode)


  • IP68
  • FCC Parts 15 and 25
  • Industry Canada


  • Security cable
  • Wireless USB dongle for configuration


  • CPDMATM simplex transmission via LEO satellite constellation
  • 802.15.4


  • Acquisition and tracking sensitivity 160dBm
  • Horizontal position accuracy <5m (50% CEP, 24 hours, static, -130dBm)
  • Operational to 1000 knots (515 m/s)