GT 2300  (GSM ONLY)

Industry-leading tracking and monitoring solutions for dry intermodal containers

Optimize equipment utilization, reduce costs and accelerate deliveries

ORBCOMM’s GT 2300 provides visibility into the status, movement, loading, and unloading transactions of intermodal container operations. By leveraging powerful telematics capabilities integrated with intermodal order and event information systems, container operators in North America can vastly improve the performance of their intermodal operations.

The GT 2300 leverages our proprietary web platform, CargoWatch®, which provides instantaneous knowledge and notifications of loading and unloading events, allowing operators to optimize container movement and accelerate utilization.

By combining local intelligence on cargo status, door lock/unlock and movement detection, the GT 2300 enables customers to examine inventories in rail and drayage locations, understand the loaded conditions of containers and move empty containers faster. In addition, the device is mounted internally for stealth installation and comes with an aluminum chassis and cable harness.

Real-time Transactional Information for Intermodal Operators

Intermodal container operators are dependent on timely information from rail carriers, drayage operators, customers, and other third parties to achieve their delivery commitments.

Information regarding critical activities is often not timely or accurate. The GT 2300 allows each container to deliver valuable transactional information in near-real-time, enabling operators to improve delivery operations and accelerate the use of assets.

By delivering timely and reliable messages and alerts for containers with critical movement activities as well as for pick-up and drop-off of long-haul rail shipments, the visibility of containers to and from rail heads and customer locations is vastly improved. Cellular communications and GPS Motion and power sensing capabilities Self-contained 5-year power supply source Time-stamped loading and empty transactions Serial cargo and door open/close detection Asset utilization reports Geofence support CONNECTING THE WORLD’S

Product Description



Battery Life

5 Years or 4,500 messages, typical

Power Usage

< 5 μA steady state


  • Two-way

Event Response Time

  • 15 minutes to 24 hours, typical of reporting
  • transaction profile

Transaction Profiles

  • 12 supported (rail mode, street mode, drayage delivery
  • mode, empty move mode, etc.)

Sensors Available

  • Moving/stationary
    • Begin/end move (with geofences)
    • Empty/loaded transactions
    • Cargo sensors (1, 2 or 3 sensor configuration per container
      • Ultrasonic type
    • Door sensors
      • Magnetic switch type
  • Impact/handling/damage detection
    • Tri-axial accelerometer
  • Auto-power management
    • Movement/stationary determination

Other Functions

  • Geofences
  • 2-way XML data feed
    • Transaction profiles to the asset
    •  EDI status transactions to the network (222, 322)


  • Web exception reporting
  • Notifications via email/wireless device
  • Tracking and tracing integration

Operational Temperature Range

  • -40C to +70C


  • 16.5”x 9.5”x 1.5”


  • 4.9lbs.


  • Aluminum extrusion with molded cable harness