GT 1100 (GSM + SAT Hybrid)

Solar-powered, hassle-free asset tracking

Complete visibility and control of fixed and mobile assets with little maintenance and no battery changes


The GT 1100 enables complete visibility and control of fixed and mobile assets. As part of a comprehensive solution that includes sensor technology, powerful web and mobile applications and reliable cellular and satellite connectivity options, the GT 1100 helps businesses optimize operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Available as a cellular or dual-mode satellite-cellular version. ORBCOMM’s GT 1100 is powered by solar rechargeable batteries for low power consumption and long service life in the field. The device operates autonomously and requires minimum maintenance and no battery changes.

Built to last

The solar-powered GT 1100 features a compact, low-profile enclosure for easy installation and operation. The device is built to withstand extreme temperatures, water, dust, shock and vibration, and requires little sun exposure for continuous operation.

Low cost of ownership

ORBCOMM’s GT 1100 delivers outstanding value to companies looking to track assets—more pings a day for less, uninterrupted reporting and lower maintenance and operational costs over time.

Flexible communications

The GT 1100 communications platform allows you to build your messaging schedule around your business without any message restrictions. Transmit as often as required without any extra costs for added flexibility and greater visibility and utilization.

A comprehensive solution

The GT 1100 solution delivers real-time alerts on asset status, location, history, as well as arrival and departure. Advanced reporting and analytics make it possible for fleet operators to gain complete visibility of their operation and streamline processes—improve asset utilization, automate inventory management, minimize theft and more.

Product Description


  • 114.3mm × 337.8mm x 25.4mm


  • Input voltage: 9 VDC to 32 VDC
  • Input current
    •  Transmit mode: 1.6 A
    •  GPS on: 35 mA
    •  Receive mode: 70 mA
    •  Sleep mode, standby: 10 μA
    •  Sleep mode, deep: 3 μA
  • Load dump protected


  • FCC: CFR 47, Part 25 and 15
  • CE: EN 301 721, EN301 489-20,EN300 832
  • Industry Canada
  • TCRB
  • RoHS


  • MIL-STD-810E, tracked vehicle and aircraft
  • EN 300 721 (IEC Pub. 68-2-36)
  • SAE J1455, cab mounted & transverse axis radiated


  • Operating: -40C to +70C
  • Storage: -50C to +85C
  • IP67 Rated

External Interfaces (Vary by model)

  • Interfaces: 16b A/D (4), CAN (1), GPIO (4),
  • serial (1) RS-232, (1) RS-485, USB (1)
  • GPS: Rapid TTF via ORBCOMM-provided ephemeris
  • SAE J1455 off-road compliant
  • Accelerometer: 3 axis


  • Cellular communication
    • HSPA
    • CDMA
    • GPRS
  • Satellite communication
    • Two-way global, ORBCOMM


  • Lithium-ion cell
  • Capacity: 5300 mAh
  • Life expectancy without recharging: 45 days at 15-min reporting. One hour of sunlight provides 50 additional messages.