GT 1000 (GSM + SAT Hybrid)
Enhanced cargo security and visibility
Cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal

ORBCOMM’s cutting-edge GT 1000 cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal sets the standard for cargo security. Co-developed with the world’s largest seal company, Tyden Brooks, the GT 1000 is targeted for theft prevention and recovery as well as virtual warehouse and in-transit visibility applications.

Using the GT 1000 is as simple as installing a standard physical bolt seal. Fully compliant with ISO Standard 17712 and C-TPAT, the GT 1000 is a flexible cargo tracking, security and condition monitoring device that enables asset positioning, cargo theft and damage prevention and process automation through GSM cellular communications, ZigBee, GPS and other wireless technologies.

The bolt and locking cap provide a secure truck or container lock and reliably detect cut or removal in real-time for maximum security.

By using a security padlock in lieu of a locking cap, the cost-effective GT 1000’s bolt can be used repeatedly. The device’s battery is recharged through the same bolt seal cavity, so the device remains completely sealed.

The GT 1000 communicates with a comprehensive web application to provide a versatile asset monitoring solution that features security, supply chain automation, management overview via dashboards, precise measurement against performance metrics and KPIs, and the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real time. In addition, the GT 1000 supports a secured Authorized Agent Chain-of- Custody scheme.

Embedded Tracking Mode and Standard Tracking

Because of its compact size and powerful capabilities, ORBCOMM’s GT 1000 can also be used as an embedded tracking device inside a container, truck or the cargo itself.

Product Description


  • 66mm x 91mm x 25mm (2.6” X 3.6” X 1.0”)


  • 170 g (6 oz.) with batteries


  • -40C (-104F) to +85C (+185F) operating


  • Simple motion detection


  • 3-axis ±18, ±6, ±3 g/axis, constant monitoring


  • LI-ION rechargeable, 2000mAh, 3.6V

Life Expectancy

  • 127 days at 1 report per day;
  • 74 days at 2 reports per day;
  • 19 days at 1-hour reporting

Door Intrusion

  • Seal provides more than 2,000 lbs (907kgs; kN) of pull-out strength; bolt cutters required for removal

Motion Detection

  • Integral motion sensor (start/stop);
  • independent of accelerometer

Coding and Authentication

  • Each seal contains a unique ID number hard coded into its data bank

Cellular Communications

  • Quad-band GSM for worldwide coverage, 2-way communications upload and download, and GPRS and SMS with automatic least cost routing

GPS Receiver

  • Cold start: <45 seconds, TTFF (95%)
  • Hot start: <10 seconds, TTFF (95%)
  • <2.5-meter accuracy

ZigBee Wireless LAN

  • Communicates with all GT wireless sensors
  • Mesh networking available
  • 2.4 GHz
  • ZigBee wireless
  • Tx power, max: 1000 mW (USA), 100 mW (Europe), 10 mW (Japan)
  • Tx power, min: 1 mW


  • Stores up to 500 reports if cellular is not available


  • Operates with other GT Zigbee-enabled devices


  • FCC part 15 and part 25,ETSI
  • EN 300 328, ETSI EN 301 489-1, IP (testing)