Transportation and Distribution


Powerful Fleet Management and ransportation Logistics Solutions

ORBCOMM provides a comprehensive suite of fleet management, transportation and logistics devices, solutions and connectivity enabling remote monitoring and tracking of vehicles, trailers, reefers, intermodal containers, railcars, secure cargo and more.

Vehicle Tracking and Driver Monitoring

ORBCOMM’s comprehensive suite of networks, devices and solutions enable cost-effective vehicle tracking and advanced driver monitoring for fleet management applications.

Trailer Tracking
Whether you’ve got a fleet of 5 or 5,000, ORBCOMM’s innovative trailer tracking devices and solutions keep you in touch with your trailers in transport or in the yard.

Cold Chain Monitoring

ORBCOMM is the solution of choice for cold chain monitoring. Our two-way command and control solution enables temperature control of food, pharmaceuticals and other refrigerated goods in transit.

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Intermodal Container Tracking ORBCOMM provides customers with actionable data on the status of their intermodal containers and cargo in near-real time from the far corners of the world. Rail Tracking
ORBCOMM rail tracking solutions allow operators to stay in touch with railcar fleets and help ensure cargo security and temperature control at every turn.

Cargo Security
ORBCOMM provides the industry’s leading cargo security solutions for near-real-time reporting, integrated with location and sensor information.

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