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Remote Monitoring for Continuous Operation of SCADA Systems and Fixed Equipment

It’s critical to know the current status of equipment and identify problems as they occur, without the cost and inefficiency of sending field operators to verify the status of each site. ORBCOMM devices and solutions are to remotely monitor SCADA systems, sensors, telemetry systems, oil production, track vehicles and communicate with remote workers.

SCADA System Monitoring
Remotely monitor SCADA system infrastructure with ORBCOMM’s secure and reliable satellite, cellular and dual-mode communications devices.
Pipeline Monitoring
ORBCOMM devices enable pipeline monitoring and cathodic protection, ensuring the integrity of oil and gas infrastructure in remote locations, in and out of cellular.
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Fixed Equipment Monitoring
ORBCOMM’s reliable networks and rugged devices help oil and gas companies enhance digital oilfield initiatives for improved operations, reduced operating costs and increased profits.
Water Monitoring and Utilities Management
Improve water management, detect leaks, automate water meter readings, help improve electricity distribution, and more—all using ORBCOMM remote monitoring technology.
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